Solving the Equation of My Depression, Part Five

It's the little moments.


That's what I've learned from this past week.


It’s the little moments that create joy. 


The walk where Birdie tried chasing birds.

The smell of the rain as I snuggle Frankie.

The inside jokes with my parents.

The phone call from an old friend.

The quiet time spent counting breaths.

The free car wash coupon.

The Birdie kisses. 

The Frankie Snuggles.

The smiles from strangers.

The bad movie on a Friday night.


So on, and so forth…


All these little moments bring joy.


All these little moments are big to me. 


I always try to seek out big moments, the ones that go BOOM! in my life. I often overlook the little moments. 


But it’s always the little moments I reflect on the most. The little ones I remember and think back of fondly. 


It’s the little moments I wouldn’t trade for the world.


It’s the little moments that bring me joy.




I would like to say thank you for all the love and support I’ve received over the past week.


I plan on doing follow ups, as my equation has not been solved. These follow ups will be every so often. 


I am also planning on more blog posts about many different things, so please stay tuned. 


But for now, thank you and I love you all.